Our SolutionsAct now to future-proof your stores.

Beat the challenges of display bans and plain packs with our game-changing units. Benefit from leading-edge technology built on retail expertise and specialist tobacco knowhow. Take control with smart, secure high valued goods storage and management. Suit your stores – our customised modular systems can stand alone or integrate with your POS system.

Smart Dispensing

- Control access to high value products at point of purchase (POP)

- Deter theft and protect your employees

-Product education and visualization

-Eliminate staff and customer shrinkage

- Reduce front-end out of stock (OOS)

- Bring discipline to POP and ensure consistency across your network of retail locations

- Improve transaction speed and accuracy

- Reduce time spent managing POP categories

- Improve store appearance

- Access sales, OOS & inventory data online or through sales app

- Healthier ergonomics for retail staff

- Remote control access to monitor status of dispensing equipment, fault notifications, and errors

Live Inventory Management Environment (LIME)

- Real-time sales and out-of-stock reporting

- Notifications for Out of Stock and Low Inventory

- Improve transaction speed and accuracy

- Product education and visualization

- Reduce time spent managing stock at store level

- Configure unit remotely

- Access sales data online or through sales app

Digital Media Platform

- Enhance store appearance with digital media advertising at the POP & through-out your store

- Create additional revenue streams from vendor advertising

- Proof of Play to show vendors

- Build account brand equity

- Digital price boards and menus

- Mix national and store-specific campaigns

- Schedule, synchronize, change & update all your content remotely with a push of a button

- Control messaging content based on geographical areas

- Provide a community bulletin board

- Dynamic pricing for high value goods at POP

- Data points to control digital media along with store inventory

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Digital Media Platform